About Us

Considering the emerge and rapid dispersion of conflicts, as well as independent high risk situations occuring in numerous volatile environments globally, immediate supply of defense is key in protecting parties experiencing an increased level of threat. A peak performance, especially in terms of rapid intervention, profesional attitude and threat assesment, is required to deliver this protection.

Vector Operations Ltd strives to provide the most confidential network between clients and highly trained staff from the private security or military sector. Offices in key locations such as North America, Central Europe and the Middle East ensure direct connection to current hotspots and allow real time evaluation for precise consultancy and rapid deployment. Our diversity grants clients the possibility to interact with a wide selection of skilled professionals for an adapted, reliable protection. In return, this allows operators to select the most suitable field of work.

Depending on your needs, Vector Operations Ltd offer you consultancy on securtity measures, including but not limited to surveillance, personal protection, property protection and asset recovery. Co-operating alongside special forces personnel of global origin, we provide ideal solutions for and improvements to existing security. Furthermore, we encourage the communication between clients and security providers worldwide through the creation of a secure and informative bridge for all parties.